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Gathering for God's Glory

Make Known Your Majesty

Make known to us Your majesty

As we gather in this place;

And reveal to us Your presence

As together we seek Your face.

For as You came down from glory

To save us from the fall;

And as You showed us the Father,

Then gave Your Life for all,

May we hide Your truth within us,

And leave behind our wrongful ways;

May we humbly rise to meet Your call

And joyfully serve You all our days.

Make known to us Your will, O Lord

As we follow in Your ways,

And fill us with Your Spirit

As together we seek Your grace.

We will glory in Your presence

As we gather round Your throne;

And we’ll sing alleluias to the Lamb

All praise be to our God alone!

- By Marjorie Jackson –

These are the lyrics to a song that Mother wrote some years back and today they bring to my mind some thoughts regarding my walk with Christ. The words gather, together, us, we, and all, remind me that God created us for community. He never intended for His children to walk through life alone. He has given us His indwelling Spirit who is the BEST friend, companion, and counselor.

Nevertheless, He also calls us into genuine and vulnerable relationships with others. As Christ followers we are stronger together. We are told to ENCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER, MOURN TOGETHER, CELEBRATE GOD’S FAITHFULNESS WITH OTHERS, and REMIND ONE OTHER OF WHAT MATTERS FOR ETERNITY.

“Therefore encourage one another

and build up one another,

just as you also are doing.”

(1 Thessalonians 5:11)

Whether it is through church, a Bible study group, a small group, a neighbor, a spouse, or one Godly friend, gather your people (or person) and “Glory in God’s presence” and “gather round His throne” TOGETHER!

Let us ask ourselves, "Who can I encourage in the Lord today?" Then, make a phone call, meet for coffee, send an email or text, plan a get together or a shared meal and talk about God. Share what you are thankful for or what God is doing in your life or a challenge you are trusting God to step into. The possibilities are endless… After all, we are created for community; so gather for God's glory - today and every day!

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