Pass It On...God's name and fame

With the arrival of this little "sugar plum" a year and a half ago, God has been bringing to mind more often my mission of passing on the good news of Jesus' name and fame! With Emma at this stage, that looks like singing songs about God and Jesus, reading Bible picture books, talking about all the things God has made, praying with her, and telling her how much God loves her. I want her to hear of Him from her earliest days and recall prayer time as one of her first memories, just as I did, my children did, and generations before us! For the high school girls I mentor, that looks like investing time, reading God's word together, worshiping together and sharing prayer requests. I encourage

Washing Dishes

Last week I was standing in the kitchen staring at a sink of dirty dishes... and if I'm being honest I was feeling rather annoyed. The baby was finally in bed and I needed to shower. And send an email. And wash a load of clothes. And work on my website. And... the list goes on. I was thinking, "I waste so much of my life in this kitchen! Hours and hours just today!! Is it really worth my time to cook all these healthy meals for my family?! There are so many other things I would rather be doing, so many other things I NEED to be doing!! As I squirted more dish soap into the crock pot I was scrubbing, the Lord clearly interrupted my thoughts. It was so abrupt and clear I know it was from

I will follow you, Jesus, BUT...

Where are you today as far as surrender to God is concerned? Have you given all to Him? There is a foolproof way to know the answer to that question. Look into the depths of your being and see what you find there. If there is peace and hope and joy and quiet confidence, then you have surrendered everything to Him. If there is fear or confusion or disappointment or disillusionment, you still hold on to the central position in your life - you still want what YOU want! 'Follow Me.' The invitation is personal. The call is genuine. The time is short. The matter is urgent. l want to tell you of an experience that Henri Nouwen wrote about. He took his 88 year old father to the circus. Nouwen

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