Philippians Lesson 2 cont...

In our last Philippians post we ended by discussing how Paul, one of the greatest apostles and evangelists that ever lived, identified himself as a BONDSERVANT of Jesus Christ. We are going to continue exploring this term in the context of the FAMILY... This is what I want to consider with you today, as we focus ON THE FAMILY. THE FAMILY as we will consider it throughout our study, will be seen to include not only parents and children, not only people to whom we are related through blood-lines, but the much larger family to which we have been called. Our church families, the family of God, that includes every tribe and tongue and nation, the family of man - that includes unbelievers, thos

A New Way of Living

In 1984 my mother introduced our family to a new way of living the Christian life. At that time she was seventy-three years old and had lived virtually her entire life as a dedicated Christian. She was a pastor's wife and a respected, well-known and published Bible teacher. She had a positive, happy outlook on life, but before our eyes we saw her literally begin to live on a higher plane. This transformation came about through a period of personal crisis. At that time she was impressed with old truths in new ways. Reading the verses that are foundational to a life of praise and thanksgiving in ALL things, she realized that she had memorized them as a child. She had taught them in Bible cl

Bondservants of Christ Jesus, Philippians Lesson 2

As we study Philippians, we want to keep in mind that it portrays the life and experiences that should be a Christians, if he's living within the will of God. It is a very practical epistle. It was written to serve as a guide to us while we are living in this world. If you haven't done so already, I would highly encourage you to sit down and read through Philippians before you continue. There are a number of different outlines on the book of Philippians, but my favorite is the outline of Dr. Merrill Unger, and that is the outline I will share with you. The overall theme of the book is CHRIST IS ALL! Chapter 1 teaches CHRIST is the JOY OF OUR LIFE. It emphasizes a spirit of evangelism, tha

Hope you can curl up by some still water and enjoy a bit of special poetry today...

We are happy to welcome Dana Cook, our friend and member of Marjorie's Thursday Bible study class, to share some of her poetry. May it bless you as it has those in our group... Beauty The layers of the beauty of the sky All form together to make one beautiful thing. That as far as the world can see, shines gloriously. But I know its true meaning, The beauty that lies within, The filament of My masterpiece making the world right again. The efforts that you make, spurned on by My beckoning, Create a chasm fortress that I (God) can clearly see, Buttressed in My love one cannot help but see it’s glistening. Here’s the way to see and gain understanding: In all your ways acknowledge Me and I will

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