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Summer Study: Blessings of the Holy Spirit

As Spring has turned to Summer, it has me thinking of the changes that come in each season and how life imitates those patterns. Seasons of life come and go as do the seasons we witness in nature. Each season brings things we look forward to, and things that we may not enjoy.

For example, one may love the flowers and sunshine that are a part of summer, yet not look forward to the accompanying heat and humidity. As winter approaches, we maybe anxious to fill our home with Christmas decorations and spend time with family, yet not be thrilled about icy driveways and barren trees. Life always brings change and no matter how hard we try, we can not avoid it. However, we each decide daily where our focus will be.

I choose to focus on the joy of the Lord and to share that pleasure with those around me. One of the greatest delights in every season of my life has been my love for God and sharing His word with others. This summer, we plan to study the book Blessings Of The Holy Spirit through weekly blog posts. We will be examining some of the classic texts the Bible contains on the Holy Spirit and come to understand how you can cooperate with Him and receive His blessings.

(Book available on

“When my father, Dr. Herbert E. Kann, retired from 40 years as a Presbyterian minister he gave me the books he valued most. Dr. G. Campbell Morgan authored many of them. That was my introduction to Dr. Morgan’s work.

Throughout the first 40 years of the 20th century Dr. Morgan was considered by many to be the greatest Bible expositor of that day. He explained the truths of the Scripture as no one else could.

In 1904, he became pastor of the Westminster Chapel in London, England. There were many requests that his sermons be made available and in printed form. Each week Dr. Morgan chose one of his weekly messages for publication. At the end of the year they were bound under the title The Westminster Pulpit. I have 10 of those volumes. These lessons draw heavily on that body of work. They loosely follow his outlines and make use of his matchless word studies. I first taught them in Fort Worth, Texas, in 2009.

My life has been greatly enriched by Dr. Morgan’s scholarship and by the insight the Holy Spirit gave to him. These lessons are my attempt to share these blessings with a new generation of seekers”. - Marjorie Kann Jackson

The focus of these lessons is to offer key content from Marjorie’s books, broken down into a format for weekly personal study and reflection. This will be available through weekly blog posts. Included will be a lesson, a verse to memorize, and thoughts for further reflection.

All who want to take their walk with God to a new and deeper level, please join us! May you be blessed on this journey.

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